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      买里克阿瓦提古城 买里克阿瓦提古城 买里克阿瓦提古城
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      2017-12-01 16:40:17

      With the proper guide, much can be learned about the ancient city of Mailikeawat city that thrived here. Locals still look for , but rarely find, jade and other valuable traces of the once great community that existed between the rivers. If you are fortunate enough to be taken at sunset in a horse drawn wagon, you can capture a magnificent scene resplendant with colors and unmatched beauty.


      2017-12-05 20:39:16

      in una grande spianata sabbiosa, con i monti del Kun lun sullo sfondo, si trovano resti di muri. Si cammina spesso su frammenti di ceramica. Posto piuttosto desolato, anche se ha un certo fascino.

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